Dental Marketing Cheat Sheet
The 11 step marketing strategy guide to increase patients and to surpass your competition
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What you'll learn from the guide
Commercials- what do you need in addition to a commercial to successfully market your practice online and on social media
Funnels & ads- what are funnels and how do you utilize them with your ads so that you target your ideal pAtients 
Hidden Tips- What are some additional ways to have an advantage over other practices, like what to do with your videos

What if you don't have time to implement on your own?

Let us produce your commercial and entire series of videos, including testimonials and Q and A videos, complete with thumbnail optimization
We'll design your funnel, ad copy, offer, landing site, and run your ads on Facebook and Instagram with split testing, doing live Daily updates for maximum success
All other bonuses included, like photos and Google Map optimization, and you only pay us for your monthly ad spend and maintenance fee- cancel anytime, no risk to you!

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I was honestly skeptical about using all your strategies but some of them have directly connected with my patients over and over. I really do see a difference versus what I had been doing before."
-Dr. Roberts

Dental Marketing Cheat Sheet

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